“Hey everyone, we have been informed of some unfortunate news. The US Immigration Department has been experiencing some unexpected complications, and has informed us that the visas to bring both FHANA and BACK-ON to the US will not be processed in time for A-Kon 31. We've been working tirelessly with the bands, our lawyers, and the government to remedy the situation, but, unfortunately, there are now no remaining options for us to pursue with the US government. 

Our music program and the fans who enjoy it are important to us, so we have made arrangements to bring in alternative performers who already have an active visa and are approved for international travel. We're sorry for the last minute change, but stay tuned for more information about our new lineup later today.”


皆さま、私たちはいくつか残念なお知らせを受けました。米国移民局が予期せぬ事態に見舞われ、FHANAとBACK-ONのバンドを米国に呼ぶためのビザがA-KON 31に間に合わないとの通告がありました。私たちはこの状況を改善するために、バンド、弁護士、政府とともに精力的に活動してきましたが、残念ながら、現在、米国政府に対して追求できる選択肢は残っていません。